Welcome to Swan Soiree

Ready to start your magical journey to your momentuous day? You just landed at the right wonderland, with your fairy god people just around the corner, ready to flick their wands and make your plans happen.

You are engaged! Congratulations! I bet you have already changed your social media status to ENGAGED! And now, everybody is just as excited for you, but you are having doubts in how to execute your plan in the middle of your busy schedule. Stop sweating already! Swann Soiree is already here to the rescue.

Our specialty

Swann Soiree specializes in working with clients who want realistic options and a fun day on their wedding day. We do it all – planning, execution, and follow through. We do the traditional ones, and even fun-themed ones. We can work around any budget and time constraints you have.

The team understands that not everything are the same when it comes to wedding among couples, so we always set a standard to not follow the convention but be open-minded to the different demands that come from our work. That made us the leading wedding planners in the whole state. In fact, our expertise are already becoming in-demand even internationally.

Just in the previous year, we have accommodated 3 wedding outside the North American continent. To day that it was a bomb, was an understatement.

The wedding

Have already a venue in your mind? How about the color scheme, the theme, and the like? If you have not yet settled into anything, we offer you our consultation services. The first hour is free just to get us comfortable together for this planning. Our headquarters is located in the middle of Scottsdale, AZ having the most beautiful custom garage door in Scottsdale. Of course, only the best for the best.

We can offer you different pre-set wedding packages that are all affordable and guaranteed to give you maximum satisfaction. If you want to personalize it, we can do that too. In fact, we have already handled almost all types of wedding from being in the business for over a decade. Garden wedding, church wedding, restaurant and yacht wedding, up to destination weddings. We went as far as Asia to just make this happen.

For every wedding, we give it our all. We transform everything to your liking and to achieve the magic you deserve.

Other Services

What is more amazing about the Swann Soiree team is that our services are not limited to just wedding planning. We have an abundant set of expertise too that we offer. Such include Holistic Health Coaching, Chemical Free Living, Nutrition Psychology, and much much more.

We also prepare grooms and brides to-be coachings in the expectations on marriage life. We want them to have as much balance and harmony all throughout their relationships. We want to be their guidance to make everything as perfect as possible.

For questions, suggestions, email us today at connect@swannsoiree.com. We can also give you an estimate of the wedding packages for free.

Going UN-Traditional on Your Traditional Wedding Day

The thing about getting married these modern days is that couples often want a clash between the traditional and the modern wedding routine. Usually, this starts with choosing a non-traditional color scheme.

What is distinct and never grows old is the choice of the bride and groom to stay classy in black and whites. The sanctity of the ceremony is retained and also meeting the traditional saying: something blue, something new, something old, and something borrowed. But in the grand scheme of things, the over all motif goes wild.

For instance, instead of pale colors, many couples have already chosen loud colors to be a part of their motif. The most popular these days are sunny yellows and baby blues which proved to be a good combination especially during garden and beach weddings.

Other crazy wedding themes we have planned are where the entourage wear something goth like to make the whole ceremony like the the bride of undead. The craziest so far of all the weddings we handled was that in Vegas where everybody dressed up a celebrity to humor the brides request to have a star-studded wedding. I even remember one dressing up as Madonna who apparently was also the singer during the ceremony. It was fun… and a spectacle, but the holiness of the wedding ceremony was never lost.

One thing is evident in all of this. Although traditions still play a role in how a wedding would proceed, people nowadays have already learned to inject their personalities in it without ruining the moment. At the end of the day, all goes home happy.

If you have a crazy theme you want to incorporate in your wedding, let’s plan it already. We’d love to help you all throughout the stages.