About Us

OUR MISSION: To create memorable events by combining our expertise, knowledge, and skills in providing a professional service.

METHODS: Professional. Collaborative. Customer-centric. Practical.

It is through this 2Ps and 2Cs that we approach the planning and execution of momentuous events – namely weddings, in particular.

PROFESSIONAL. We never falter in providing you the best service you deserve. We meet deadlines on the dot, if not before. We execute every stage of planning flawlessly and by incorporating all the details you included. We are always on our game every step of the way.

COLLABORATIVE. This C is the Swann Soiree Team’s middle name. We recognize that teamwork is the key to properly execute any plan into action. As such, we see to it that we always communicate to everyone who takes part in planning the wedding. This included everyone outside of this team, and the customers.

CUSTOMER CENTRIC. We put the needs and wants of our customers first. For every detail, color scheme and design, we set it as a must to achieve. We are always reachable for advice and assistance regarding this wedding planning. Having wedding jitters? We’ll give you the reassurance immediately. We’ll always include even in the smallest decision making for your event. Your wants will come first. After all, it is your day and we want you to make the most out of it.

PRACTICAL. The success of an event is dependent on how the resources are exhausted and maximize. When it comes to available resources for events, we already have the mastery to utilize it in its maximum potential. We work around any reasonable budget you set without compromising the quality of your wedding. We always see to it that your wedding will be perfect from all corners during the event. We are practical in holding your budget and we are goal oriented throughout the process.