Going UN-Traditional on Your Traditional Wedding Day

The thing about getting married these modern days is that couples often want a clash between the traditional and the modern wedding routine. Usually, this starts with choosing a non-traditional color scheme.

What is distinct and never grows old is the choice of the bride and groom to stay classy in black and whites. The sanctity of the ceremony is retained and also meeting the traditional saying: something blue, something new, something old, and something borrowed. But in the grand scheme of things, the over all motif goes wild.

For instance, instead of pale colors, many couples have already chosen loud colors to be a part of their motif. The most popular these days are sunny yellows and baby blues which proved to be a good combination especially during garden and beach weddings.

Other crazy wedding themes we have planned are where the entourage wear something goth like to make the whole ceremony like the the bride of undead. The craziest so far of all the weddings we handled was that in Vegas where everybody dressed up a celebrity to humor the brides request to have a star-studded wedding. I even remember one dressing up as Madonna who apparently was also the singer during the ceremony. It was fun… and a spectacle, but the holiness of the wedding ceremony was never lost.

One thing is evident in all of this. Although traditions still play a role in how a wedding would proceed, people nowadays have already learned to inject their personalities in it without ruining the moment. At the end of the day, all goes home happy.

If you have a crazy theme you want to incorporate in your wedding, let’s plan it already. We’d love to help you all throughout the stages.