Swann Soirees offers wedding and event planning services. Have any theme you want to follow? We can work with that. We also have a different pre-set wedding packages which fees start at $3500. Extremely affordable just for you.

Our services include the following:

  • Wedding & Event Planning

I bet you are already excited in your wedding plans. You do not anymore need to hold yourself together because we can help you put everything in proper order. There is no need even to remove yourself from your busy schedule or usual routine to oversee things, because we can already bring that to your doorsteps during your free time.

With the Swann Soiree Team, all you need to do is to sit pretty and relax until your wedding day. Extremely no hassle, just a lot of fun and treasured experience.

  • Consulting

Having a wedding is a lot of work. But no worries, we offer you consultation services to organize your thoughts, direct it to the right path, and harmoniously put all your ideas together. Consult with an award-winning wedding planner today so we can already get the engine running.

Consultation starts at $99 per hour.


  • Holistic Health Coaching

Our areas of expertise run wide and varied. It is not simply confined in just wedding planning but other things you’d need especially if your oncoming marriage life is sudden and unexpected.

If you want to know what a marriage lofe actually entails, then we can guide you throughout the process. We can teach you how to cook, navigate the grocery stores, and to just simply have a well balanced life amidst your everyday busy schedule. You can tell us your goals and we can work on you achieving it throughout your marriage life.

The problem about getting into a married life is sometimes people do not anticipate what it entails, but we are the perfect people for you. You’ll see how we can make you pull out your inner chef in no time.

Fees start at $199 per month